This Raspberry Pi TV simulator will take you back to the old days of CRT television viewing

Analogue TVs are relics of simpler times, mostly found in retro gamers’ houses and on roadsides in various stages of disrepair. But if you’re missing that warm cathode-ray glow and spherical CRT screen, there’s a way to replicate it without lugging the real thing into your spare room.

Rodrigo Feliciano aka Pakequis created a Raspberry Pi TV simulator and uploaded the data to his GitHub account.

The Raspberry Pi change a random movie file in the folder ‘movies’ when the TV is showing a static noise. The static noise is provide by the TV circuit. A Arduino Mini Pro get the voltage on the tunning potentiometer and turn a relay on or off, selecting the TV composite video input or the noise from the TV circuit.

Rodrigo found an 5″ B&W portable TV, mounted a Raspberry Pi in the battery compartment, and uses the tuning potentiometer—hooked up to an Arduino—to tell the Pi which ‘channel’ you’re on.

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