RapidAPI's 'State of APIs' offers insights on APIs and programming languages

If I see something cool and data-related online, one of my first questions is “is there an API for it?” and there usually is. RapidAPI’s ‘State of APIs‘ shows the results of their developer survey that received 2,200 responses from developers and students in over 130 countries. Some of the key findings are:

  • JavaScript continues to dominate, and TypeScript enters the top 5 programming languages (Python came in 2nd).
  • GraphQL, Kafka, AsyncAPI, and gRPC increased in familiarity and usage, while REST, SOAP, and Webhooks decreased slightly.
  • The majority of developers relied on APIs more this year than last, and most expect to rely on APIs even more in 2022.
  • Over three-fourths of developers see participating in the API economy as a priority for their organization or plan to prioritize it soon.

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