OverAPI.com: the place to go for programming cheatsheets

I don’t really agree with the name cheatsheet. It suggests you should know everything about something off by heart and by looking it up, you’re… cheating. But isn’t it just looking at the documentation? Anyway, I’m digressing and not even explained what this blog is about.

OverAPI.com is a site dedicated to programming cheatsheets. Pretty much anything you can think of is covered here, from ActionScript to Zen Coding (Emmet). Rather than house loads of actual cheatsheets locally, each language page has links to fundamental syntax and functions which link out to the official documentation, alongside some resources and formatting explanations.

In a way, it’s like a refashioned gateway to coding 101 for whatever language you want and saves you trawling the official documentation for that one function you don’t quite understand.

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