How many payments does it take to break even in Monopoly?

I haven’t played Monopoly in a long while. In fact, the last time I remember was in 2000 and that took 3 days (I lost from a winning position).

Monopoly is quite a strategic game and the best players know this. But for most casual players, they’ll want to buy property on the expensive squares and avoid jail. That doesn’t work as well as a landlord with a diverse lower-end portfolio. So how do you know where to put your money to make sure you at least break even by the end?

A Reddit user called Zackdevil02 made a table showing the minimum number of payments required to break even in Monopoly Classic. The colums show the property prices, rent prices for each property type, and the all-important “number of payments to break even” section.

Note: this is for the US version only and there may be a second version on the cards (no pun intended).

From what I can see, it takes longer to break even for the brown and blue properties in terms of rent but this decreases the further down you go. So I guess it pays to keep your property and location choices diverse.

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