Manuel Moreale on Shorts and 'User Hostile Experience'

Manuel Moreale is an Italian freelance developer and I caught a couple of his ‘thoughts’ via Jim Nielsen’s latest Reading Notes round-up. They were on Shorts (the YouTube kind, not the comfy and easy to wear kind) and UHX or ‘User Hostile Experience’:


Every content creator that resists the urge to follow the next silly trend has my uttermost respect. Why is everyone posting “shorts” these days? We watch our attention span being disintegrated in front of our eyes, we cry about it online and yet we waste no time jumping on board the next damn trend that is doing nothing but exacerbating the problem.


Or User Hostile Experience is what I call the ever growing trend of making websites as annoying as possible for the average user in order to improve some idiotic metric no one cares about. […] Who do we even blame for the shit show that is the current web? I blame people and money. Which is conveniently the two things you can blame for almost everything that’s wrong in this world.

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