TIL: Louis Vuitton once 'made' a handheld computer

Back in 2003, Louis Vuitton created a Damier Ebene handheld computer. They’re rare and expensive—if you can nab one on eBay—and didn’t set the tech world alight but for Travis Scott, it was worthy of a place in his LV collection. (image)

In truth, Louis Vuitton didn’t really “make” the handheld Windows PC—it was manufactured by NEC and put in a LV brown case—but the collaboration alone is unique, baffling, and so 2000s. I only wish there were more joint efforts like this. A Baby Phat Mac? A Bape Palm?

I can think of worse things to buy for $1,000. Just not right now.

(Thanks to Rob Beschizza for the tip off.)

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