Jim Nielsen reviewed Dieter Bohn's question 'what is the Web?'

With all talk about Web3, Jim Nielsen examined Dieter Bohn’s 2017 article, ‘And now, a brief definition of the web’. An initial excerpt from the original:

Traditionally, we think of the web as a combination of a set of specific technologies paired with some core philosophical principles. The problem — the reason this question even matters — is that there are a lot of potential replacements for the parts of the web that fix what’s broken with technology, while undermining the principles that ought to go with it.

And Nielsen’s comment:

I like this take. “The web” isn’t solely a stack of technologies (URLs, HTML, CSS, JS). It’s also a set of principles—principles, as I wrote, imbued into the web with its birth

And some fundamental rules:

To count as being part of the web, your app or page must:

1. Be linkable, and

2. Allow any client to access it.

Go read the rest before this becomes too meta.

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