Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... both?

FALCON is a concept design for a solar-powered plane, able to fly with zero emission thanks solar flight and a very large wing span. Its creator László Németh of LASKY Design said the design “breaks with conventional aircraft design and uses the advantage of flying wings”:

The streamlined shape was suggested by the body of the birds of prey. The shape is unique in that the fuselage also generates significant lift while providing a surface for the solar panels. Even nowadays, nature’s iteration of shapes can be a good inspiration for design and help development with almost perfectly harmonious proportions such as golden ratio.

As the peregrine falcon—the fastest animal on the planet not called Sonic the Hedgehog—is my favourite winged creature, I love this design and its eco-friendly vibes. Will it be a breakthrough in aerospace engineering? We’ll have to wait and see as László has yet to reveal the specs for FALCON but the need for zero emissions is growing increasingly popular and necessary with a climate crisis on our hands.

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