Hey, Yoda! What does the Jedi Council say about your Force power level?

Over a decade ago, XKCD ran a weekly series answering “hypothetical physics questions”. There were quite a few of them but one that piqued my interest was “how much Force power can Yoda output?“. I’ve condensed it a bit but here’s the gist:

Yoda’s greatest display of raw power in the original trilogy came when he lifted Luke’s X-Wing from the swamp. As far as physically moving objects around goes, this was easily the biggest expenditure of energy through the Force we saw from anyone in the trilogy.

[…] I’ve underestimated the fandom. Wookieepeedia has just such a catalog, and informs us that the surface gravity on Dagobah is 0.9g. Combining this with the X-Wing mass and lift rate gives us our peak power output:

5 , 600 kg × 0.9 g × 1.4  meters 3.6  seconds = 19.2 kW

That’s enough to power a block of suburban homes. It’s also equal to about 25 horsepower, which is about the power of the motor in the electric-model Smart Car.

At current electricity prices, Yoda would be worth about $2/hour.

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