Halt and Catch Fire as a modern history lesson

AlternatingLine published a video called Spontification – Halt And Catch Fire: A Modern History Lesson back in 2017. It suggested that Halt and Catch Fire was “anomalous in its passion computing history”, and I agree that we’re lucky to have had a show with a thoughtful commentary on that technological period from the early 80s to the late 90s.

My only personal criticism of the series—which didn’t take away from my enjoyment and constant references to anyone who’ll hear them—was the lack of Black people in the show. There was a gay Black character, Simon Church, who briefly appeared in Season 1 as an industrial designer (played by D.B. Woodside) and Donna Emerson’s assistant Tanya Reese (Sasha Morfaw) got a more prominent role in Season 4 when Donna made her the lead on the Rover project. There was significant involvement from Black people in tech, especially the infrastructure that brought us the Internet as we know it and the World Wide Web so it was a shame that didn’t get a look in. But nonetheless, Halt and Catch Fire deserves its plaudits and your eyes and ears as a way to learn about modern tech.

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