Fibonacci numbers are popping up in unexpected places, according to mathematicians

This from Quanta about recent discoveries in the world, featuring the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio:

Fibonacci numbers “always make mathematicians happy,” said Tara Holm, a mathematician at Cornell University. Their appearance in McDuff and Schlenk’s work, she added, was “some indication that there’s something there there.”

Their landmark result was published in 2012 in the Annals of Mathematics, widely considered the top journal in the field. It revealed the existence of staircase-like structures with infinitely many steps. The size of each step in these “infinite staircases” was a ratio of Fibonacci numbers.

As the staircase ascended, the steps became smaller and smaller, the top of the staircase crushing up against the golden ratio. Neither the golden ratio nor the Fibonacci numbers has any apparent relationship to the problem of fitting a shape inside a ball. It was bizarre to find these numbers lurking within McDuff and Schlenk’s work.

I’m always looking for an excuse to use the Fibonacci sequence in places it doesn’t usually belong. I struggle with reading so I thought why not read books by page number and do it in ascending Fibonacci order? Any way to make reading more fun.

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