Dr. Dóminique Kemp: the first Black mathematics PhD graduate at Indiana University

The first Black person to achieve a PhD in Mathematics was Elbert Frank Cox from Cornell in 1925.

Dr. Dóminique Kemp

Congratulations to Dr. Dóminique Kemp for his amazing achievement. Kemp said that he will be working at the University of Wisconsin over the next four years alongside attending the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton for his postdoctoral position.

Kemp’s achievement also highlights a distinct lack of STEM opportunities for Black students as “firsts” like these shouldn’t keep happening. But he wants to change that.

“I think a lot of students don’t go into math because it seems daunting to face the spectre of isolation, but I can play a part now that I have a degree,” Kemp told the Indiana Daily Student. “I want to create more awareness of Theoretical Mathematics because I think it made it harder for me because growing up I had no idea there was such a thing as Theoretical Mathematics research.”

(via Black Enterprise)

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