A cocky locksmith just lost a $75 bet

A cocky locksmith just lost a $75 bet to LockPickingLawyer. In the video, LPL received a letter from a viewer saying:

Dear Lock Picking Lawyer,

I’m throwing down the gauntlet!

I recently lost the key to my Kryptonite bike lock/chain while far from home. I called a locksmith to open it. When he arrived, I asked if he could pick the lock since I have another key at home and didn’t want the lock destroyed. He said my lock couldn’t be picked but when I said I had seen it done on YouTube. I got a strong reaction.

The locksmith became visibly irritated and told me he had been picking locks for over 25 years and he was “sick and tired” of people watching fake lock picking videos and expecting him to “magically open locks in two seconds.” When I asked if he had seen the Lock Picking Lawyer, he roughly dropped his tool bag and told me you’re the worst offender and your videos are complete bullsh*t.

After talking about lock picking videos for a few minutes, he told me he was willing to put his money where his mouth is. Here is the challenge to you: the locksmith said I could send you the remains of my bike lock in a sealed package and if you could open the package on video and pick the lock faster than he could open it with a grinder, he would refund the $75 he charged me for the job. We timed him cutting my lock it took 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you defend your name? I’ll be watching your channel and hoping.

Kindest regards,

Malcolm M.

As you can tell from the title, LockPickingLawyer completed the challenge and he did it in less than 30 seconds. Let’s hope the disgruntled locksmith keeps to his word.

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