Black in Marine Science: a nonprofit for current and future Black marine scientists

Camille Gaynus is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biology of University of Pennsylvania. Together with a group of colleagues, they formed Black in Marine Science (BIMS), “an initiative that began as a social media hashtag and has evolved into a registered nonprofit organization, they aim to showcase the expertise of Black marine scientists while stoking children’s curiosity in the ocean environment.”

Already they’ve launched two YouTube television series and built a growing network of scientists. Their future goals are even more ambitious.

“We wanted to have a space that says, ‘We’re welcoming you here,’” Gaynus says. “But we also want the scientific world to say, ‘Hey, check out what they’re doing over there.’” 

Their mission is to inspire the next generation of scientific thought leaders and spread environmental awareness.

Find out how you can contribute to BIMS today. Also check out this article on the black lives of marine biology including Ernest Everrett Just, Roger Arliner Young, and Samuel Milton Nabrit.

(via Penn Today)

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