AI: the greatest Pokémon master

AI’s relationship with Pokémon is interesting. People have tried to beat the game with AI but it’s nigh-on impossible but smaller challenges have been successful, such as using AI to find the best trainer in Pokémon Red/Blue and, now, using AI to win on the Pokémon Showdown ladder.

The latter is thanks to Albert who goes by the name of The Third Build on YouTube. In the above video, he explained his processes and pitfalls in training the AI to pick good teams and actually beat people on the ladder.

Competitive Pokémon battling (known colloquially as VGC, short for Video Game Championships) takes years to hone so it was remarkable to see how successful the AI was at picking it up and getting as high as it did. Will AI replace real-life players? Of course not. Should they fear this kind of technology? Of course not. But it’s still cool to witness.

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