4 AMSR videos featuring marine biology

In a previous article (Marine ecology has dark fish), I mentioned how 65%–95% of all fish biomass could be hiding 100–1,000m below the surface. The underwater is a mysterious and fascinating place and perfect for ASMR which carries its own mystique. So here are 4 ASMR videos that feature marine biology and the underwater.

1. Esther Alexandrea ASMR reads ‘Marine Biology: A Very Short Introduction by Philip V. Mladenov’

What better way to start than an ASMR content creator reading about marine biology? Esther Alexandrea whispers through a few pages of Philip V. Mladenov’s ‘Marine Biology: A Very Short Introduction’, a book she read in her biology classes and called “a fun read”

Marine biology is a fascinating subject. We can all benefit from acquiring knowledge of an environment that takes up “71% of the planet’s surface” (Mladenov, 2013, p. 1). I highly encourage you to make time to understand the intricacies of marine life and hopefully, together, we can protect this environment responsible for “99% of [the Earth’s] habitable living space” (Mladenov, 2013, p. 1).

2. [ASMR Scuba Diving] Which do you like? Shallow or Deep

This ASMR video doesn’t feature any whispering, opting for the sounds of a scuba diver exploring some underwater reefs for 21 minutes. The first half is spent in the shallow end before going into a deep dive after the 10-minute mark.

3. Mackpie ASMR Reading You a Tingly Bedtime Story (with Marine Biology Facts!)

Commotion in the Ocean? Featuring aquatic life? With ASMR? Sign me up! We also get some marine biology facts thrown in for free, such as:

  • Did you know some species of crab (called ghost crabs) have “teeth” inside their stomachs which they use to growl at predators?
  • Turritopsis dohrnii, or the ‘immortal jellyfish‘, is called that because it doesn’t have a natural lifespan? It can regress into a “sexually immature, colonial stage” making them theoretically and biologically immortal?

4. Goodnight Moon’s ASMR: Exploring the Aquarium

I was already subscribed to Goodnight Moon’s channel but had no idea she made this video so that was a pleasant surprise. In it, she explores the aquarium and all the wondrous creatures that live there, including jellyfish, fish, and seahorses.

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