20 Web research studies/surveys from 2020

The likes of Google, Mailchimp, and Stack Overflow have generated reports about the state of the Web in 2020.

a list of 18 web browser icons

CSS Tricks compiled a list of 20 surveys, studies, and almanacs involving Web research. Everything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and UX is covered and judging by the findings, it’s been a very busy year for the Web as more of us have been using it during the pandemic.

You can read the full list on CSS Tricks but here are 5 of my favourites:

  1. 2020’s Web Almanac by HTTP Archive (which features some of my industry colleagues in the SEO section)
  2. State of CSS 2020
  3. Google’s Year in Search
  4. Mailchimp’s 2020 Annual Report
  5. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020

I wonder what the future holds for the Web in 2021 with a new US president on the way and a second year of the pandemic (because it won’t just disappear next year). If you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments.

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