RARE! Sega’s “Michael Jackson in Scramble Training”


The links between Michael Jackson and Sega aren’t a mystery but not all their collaborations are common knowledge.

We know MJ lent his artistic prowess to the music on Sonic 3 but what I, and I’m sure many of you, didn’t know was this particular link up. Michael Jackson in Scramble Training was a piece of software made for Sega’s AS-1 motion simulator. It came out in 1993, around the time he worked with them on Sonic 3 and sees the King of Pop instructing you how to pilot a spaceship. Mike has experience in this having played Captain Eo in 1986 but the fun was short-lived. The molestation allegations against him meant Sega’s creative partnership broke up and the software was replaced behind the scenes. Now, only a few videos exist of Scramble Training. And you can watch them below.

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