About Us


You’ve seen About Us pages a hundred times before. You might expect lines of jargon and unfulfilling prose. You won’t get that here.

LOG!CFACE is a tech blog with a slant towards People of Colour in the industry. Why? Because we’re People of Colour ourselves and the tech world doesn’t give a damn about us. We started in January 2017 – me (Luke Alex Davis) and co-founder/co-editor, Ashton James Brown. We’ve been involved with STEM for a number of years and LOG!CFACE is the fruit of our labours. But rather than lie down and accept our misrepresentation, we aim to shine as many spotlights onto the PoC tech community as possible. Amongst that, we also look at the lighter side of technology and science, past and present, with a few memes throw in for good measure.

Technology is growing at an unfathomable rate. I’m still amazed I can watch whatever I want on a tablet while in the bath and that’s old technology in comparison, say, driverless cars. But it’s important to take a minute to see how that technology affects our lives now and learn the lessons from the past to ensure it creates a better future for the next generation. It’s also important to have inclusivity past a few black or Asian people in a boardroom. Tech is not one-sided. It’s time we faced that.

So our message is simple: face the future in colour.