The Opening Animation For Sonic Mania Is Retro Bliss

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is nearly upon us and we now have the opening video.

For those of us who played or watched Sonic on TV in the 90s, this is the perfect throwback with its pastel colours, incredible animation, and unique-looking backgrounds. And that signature foot tap from Sonic himself.

The game’s director, Christian Whitehead, is best known for his “porting” of classic Sonic games onto iOS through his Retro Engine. Sega picked this up after Whitehead made a proof of concept for Sega CD and the rest is history.

Sega also gave a little hat tip to the original quadrilogy on the elevator. Is Sonic Mania essentially “Sonic 5”? Spiritually, maybe. But whatever, I’m very excited about this.

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