Race And Gender Inequality In Tech Means White Men Earn More Than Every Other Demographic

Black Women In Tech
Image: WOCinTech Chat

I found it difficult to frame the title for this but I think this gives a general summary. A study by Hired collated data from “120,000 salary offers to 27,000 candidates at 4,000 companies”. There’s a lot to take away from the data and it’s all skewed towards the success of white men.

Notably, black men and women earned 12% and 21% less than white men respectively and even less of applicants from the LGBTQ community.

“Not only are women getting lower offers when they actually get offers, but a large amount of time, companies have openings and they’re not interviewing women at all,” – Jessica Kirkpatrick, Hired’s data scientist.

You can find data visualisation from the study at Recode.net.

(Image: WOCinTech Chat)

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