We’re Enjoying This Comedic Nuzlocke Challenge By Avery Edison


Pokémon Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

British comedian undertakes a Nuzlocke challenge. Hilarity and Hoothoots ensue.

I’ve yet to try a Nuzlocke challenge as I couldn’t bear having to release a Pokémon if it faints but this one might ease me in. Avery Edison is a British transgender comedian and embarked on the famous challenge a month ago. Rather than try it on the new games, Avery chose Pokémon Silver (my all-time fave) to start with but changed over to SoulSilver from Episode 2. I won’t spoil anything about what Pokémon she chose at the start but you can assume what was caught in the first few areas. If dry deadpan humour is your thing, this will have you laughing through the game. There are currently three episodes online but you can watch the first one below.

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